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By flight, road or sea.

JedX delivers everywhere,                   near or far away.







Express shipments, small goods shipments, direct deliveries, full and part loads - daily.


Air freight, express shipments, small goods shipments, direct deliveries, full and part loads - daily.


Air freight, globally and daily.

Depending on destination country 1-3 days, daily operation.


Pickups and deliveries within the greater Helsinki area with 2-3 hours delivery time. Overnight deliveries in Finland. We also offer same-day deliveries within Finland.

  • Finland-Estonia-Finland overnight, daily departures.
  • Finland-Latvia-Finland overnight, daily departures.
  • Finland-Lithuania-Finland overnight, daily departures.
  • Finland-Sweden-Finland overnight, daily departures.
  • Finland-Denmark-Finland 1-2 days, daily departures.
  • Finland-Norway-Finland 1-2 days, daily departures.
  • Finland-Poland-Finland 2-3 days, daily departures.
  • Rest of Europe 3-5 days, daily departures. Air freight overnight, daily departures.

Fuel surcharge 13% (1.5.2019 onwards), Marpol surcharge 5,9% (1.5.2019 onwards)

JedX Medcare

JedX Medcare manufactures first-grade type FFP2, N95 and FFP3 respirator masks primarily for use in Finnish healthcare.


Choosing quality in shipping services is always an investment for the future. Our missions is to help our customers deliver their goods reliably, professionally, on schedule and intact from day to day. We offer a wide range of services for all of your needs. We only utilize the best and most reputable partners to ensure a first-class level of service for our customers.

Our staff consists of experts with long and varied experience in the field of logistics. Our management has built several successful logistics businesses in the past.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.00-18.00

We also serve outside these hours by separate agreement.

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